Mother's Day floral embroidery hoop هدية عيد الأم

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Floral Name Hoop

An embroidered hoop with vibrant colors and a flower-y design for your mother! 🌹

Get it in time to be your Mother's day gift!

Handmade embroidery hoop | A 5” embroidery hoop, with vibrant or warm colors and a floral design for your mother! The text here is in Arabic calligraphy "my precious mom" امي الغالية, however you can choose it to be in English!

  •  Sizes available: 5" diameter (shown in the photos) or 6" diameter.
  •  Material: Bamboo hoop and off white cotton fabric and DMC thread.
  •  Occasion: Mother's Day, gift for her, for mom, for daughter, for wife!
  • Three color options to choose from: 
  •  A lovely gift, a fun decor!

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